Tell us your educational story. InnEdCO is excited to announce that StoryCorps will be onsite to record stories at our Conference this summer.

We would love to hear your story and hope that you would consider telling your story with StoryCorps and InnEdCO.

StoryCorps is a nationally recognized independent nonprofit. A StoryCorps interview is 40 minutes of uninterrupted conversation between two people who know one another well. These stories are preserved in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress and a very small subset of the interviews air on NPR Morning Edition each Friday.

Learn more about StoryCorps interviews here:

At InnEdCo, we're particularly interested in storytellers who are at the forefront of innovative education. We would love to hear from you if you have had experiences working with students who were empowered by their own voices.

Would you like to participate? Sign up by jumping to our interest form. Please note that slots are limited so we will contact you by April 30th, 2017 to let you know if a slot is available for you.


Mario Loiseau & Mabou Loiseau

Mario Loiseau is a Haitian immigrant who works two jobs, including long hours as a parking lot attendant in New York City.

He does this to help pay for his 9-year-old daughter, Mabou’s, tutoring. She is a science and language prodigy and is already studying college-level algebra.

The two of them sat down together for StoryCorps, so Mabou could ask him some questions.

Celeste Davis-Carr & Aaron

In 2013, Aaron, a freshman at Corliss High School on the South Side of Chicago, was living on the streets.

His English class was participating in StoryCorpsU, an education program that uses StoryCorps broadcasts and interview techniques to help students find their voice and strengthen their relationships with teachers.

Celeste Davis-Carr, Aaron’s teacher, learned that Aaron was homeless through a recording he made for StoryCorpsU.

A year later, they sat down to make another recording for StoryCorps.

Jenny Carter & Sean Carter

Sean Carter was a college student putting himself through school in Wichita Falls, Texas, when he was in a serious car accident.

He was riding with a friend who had been drinking, and sustained a traumatic brain injury in the crash.

Today, Sean is unable to walk and speaks only with the aid of a computer. At StoryCorps he interviewed his mother, Jenny Carter, who is his full-time caretaker.

Animation: Rachel P. Salazar and Ruben P. Salazar

In January 2007, Rachel P. Salazar and Ruben P. Salazar were living 9,000 miles apart and completely unaware of each other’s existence. But when an email meant for Rachel accidentally went to Ruben, it wasn’t long before an ordinary mistake began to look like an extraordinary stroke of luck.


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