Maker Challenge

A maker challenge is an opportunity for teams of four attendees to compete in a live event on Thursday, June 14th as part of InnEdCO18! Participants must be registered for InnEdCO to compete.

Interested teams can sign up here!


Challenge 1: Musical Instruments

Your team will need to design 3 playable musical instruments AND play a short tune to be determined by the audience (judges). You will be judged on creativity of instruments and how well they can play the required tune.

Challenge 2: A House That Won’t Blow Down

Your team will construct a “house” that is no larger than 1’x2’x3’. The structure will be tested to see how much wind it can withstand (from blow dryers and/or fans). The winner will be determined by the number of dryers/fans it takes to make the structure move.

  • The structure must have all of the following:
  • Door that opens
  • At least 4 windows
  • Outside decoration


  1. You will need to bring your required supplies from the supply list
  2. You are not allowed to spend more than $20.00 on supplies, all other items must be found or recycled.
  3. You may plan a strategy with your team ahead of time, but all construction will take place at the challenge.


Each member of the winning teams receives a free learning academy registration for InnEdCO 2019 (one team from musical instruments and one team from house that won’t blow down).

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